Why Are Walkie-Talkies Essential for Schools?

A walkie-talkie is essentially a two-way radio that can be used for communication. They were invented in 1937 and were used by military, police, and government organizations. At that time, they were the only source of mobile communication and were used everywhere.

Now we have telephones and mobile phones that are much better at communication than walkie-talkies. They can even allow you to communicate with a person standing at the other end of the globe.

Now you may ask a question, why use an obsolete technology when we have a better option? The answer to this is that walkie-talkies are not yet obsolete. They have some advantages that make them more suitable for some situations than mobile phones. The major advantages of walkie-talkies are:

  1. They are relatively independent of external influences, as they don’t need infrastructure. As we know, mobile phones need signal towers, and telephones need telephone lines. In contrast, a walkie-talkie doesn’t need anything extra for communication.
  2. You don’t need to pay monthly bills or call charges for a two-way radio.
  3. They can allow you to communicate with several people at the same time.
  4. They provide instant communication.

Nowadays, walkie-talkies are essential for schools to properly manage staff and students. If a school has huge campus grounds and a large number of students, then managing everything can be a headache-inducing.

The following are some of the reasons walkie-talkies are essential for a school.

Medical Emergency

Following are some situations in which a medical emergency can happen in school.

  • During sports: Accidents can happen during playing and can cause injuries. Although getting seriously injured while playing is rare, it can happen.
  • Falling: Students can get injured by falling, they can fall by tripping their feet, they can fall while running, and they can even fall from stairs.
  • Health problems: Students can get a fever, heatstroke, breathing problems, etc. In short, a medical emergency that needs serious attention can occur at any time.

When a medical emergency happens, you want to ensure you can instantly access relevant staff. As medical staff and caretakers are not always in their office, you can’t reach them by telephone. You can hopefully reach them through mobile phone. Still, there can be a communication delay because they can be busy on another call. Using a walkie-talkie in this situation can completely remove all the above mention communication problems. You can reach the support staff instantly even if they aren’t in their office or on another call.


A walkie-talkie in every classroom can improve the efficiency and safety of the entire school. Teachers can communicate with any staff member in the school in case of emergency. Conversely, the headmaster or security staff can broadcast messages to all classrooms at the same time.

Communication with parents

Another important use of walkie-talkies in school is communication and coordination with parents. When parents or guardians come to pick up their children, reception or security staff at campus gates can communicate with school staff to send children to their parents safely and efficiently.

A school bus driver can also broadcast their location to keep the parents informed about the bus’s location. Parents can use their walkie-talkies to keep track of their child’s location and go to the stop when the bus is about to arrive.


Nowadays, all schools have cameras installed all over the campus grounds. Relevant staff members can know about any alarming situations in advance and instantly alert the teacher and students. Some of the security threats possible in a school:

  1. Fire accident
  2. Stranger intrusion
  3. A natural disaster

In case of any emergency, the entire school will know instantly, and teachers and staff members can take measures in time to ensure the safety of students.

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