WB Trading Review: Are Their Mechanical Strategies Legitimate?

“Trading is not difficult. However, not succumbing to human emotion is very difficult” says professional trader, William Brown, originally hailing from Manchester in the North of England. With almost ten years of experience both as a trader and a systems designer, along with a stellar education through some of the most highly-regarded traders in the industry, he’s not only been able to construct his own specialist mechanical ‘edges’ as he calls them, he has also created a thriving community of successful traders, too.

Globally, statistics point out that almost all traders struggle and forego their capital, handing it to the markets via losses due to either lacking proper education or by attempting to trade using strategies that are not statistically-proven to work. It’s no secret that the majority of market participants who are currently actively trading make decisions using either intuition, predictions or blind hope. William himself fell into this pattern of behaviour himself earlier in his career and through this, he soon understood how important one key area of profitable trading is: Having a strategy that provides an ‘edge’ and that is proven via statistics.

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This realisation led William, now the creator of fast-growing education establishment WB Trading, to use the skills he learned via his prior trading education to construct his own specialist mechanical strategies, built using step-by-step rules that he, and now his clients, follow. Leading to slow, steady profitable results. By following clear, repeatable rules, this simplifies trading and through these, his clients are able to finally trade with clarity and simplicity. Without falling prey to complex analysis techniques or indicators that hold others back.

William was trained and mentored by some of the most successful professional traders in the world, and through this wealth of experience, gained the necessary skills to build what he calls ‘sources of edge, that when traded using specific rules, provide an edge over the market/s they’re able to be applied to’. Through his education establishment WB Trading and alongside his growing team, struggling traders are able to learn the mechanical rules he has built, removing the stumbling blocks that hold most traders back and leading to consistent profitability.

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Constructed by using market-data and statistics, his mechanical rules lay aside the need to rely on news, reference fundamentals or do any analysis whatsoever. When commenting on his flagship ‘Platinum Program’, he says that “Venturing into financial instruments without proper education, and most importantly without a statistical edge, will only ever lead to struggles. It’s very important to numerically verify that what you’re doing, the strategy you’re using, provides an edge”.

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Trading as a profession does not have to rest on luck alone. WB Trading prove that having a statistical edge along with clear rules to follow does in fact lead to consistent profitability, allowing everyday people to make the financial markets a successful endeavour.

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