Top In-Demand Digital Marketing Careers of 2022

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, there has been an exponential increase in all digital marketing activity around the world. In 2020, the digital marketing sector grew by 15.3 percent over the previous year, reaching a market size of Rs. 15,782 crore. In 2021, it is predicted to reach a market size of Rs. 18,938 crore, representing a 20% increase over 2020.

According to statistics, the number of job openings in the digital industry has increased dramatically. The digital marketing business, on the other hand, offers a wide range of specialized professional opportunities.

As a result, we’ve prepared a list of the most popular Digital Marketing Careers, along with job descriptions and salary, so you can pick the best fit for you.

Let’s have a look at the Top Digital Marketing Career choices to look into for a bright future.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing and implementing a company’s digital marketing strategy, with the main goal of increasing sales at the lowest possible cost.

The digital marketing managers are generally the marketing team’s leader, in charge of overseeing multi platform marketing efforts. This position is ideal for analytical thinkers who can foresee results and comprehend consumer behavior.

A digital marketing manager should have 5 years of experience in the field, while a mid-senior management must have completed a comprehensive MBA in digital marketing.

At the entry level, a digital marketer can expect to make around INR 3-4 lakhs per year, whereas at the managerial level, one can expect to earn around INR 10 lakhs per year.

  • Content Marketer/Specialist

Content marketing is the process of building better content for various web platforms. A content marketer’s job is to curate relevant and enticing information that will keep visitors on your site longer.

To provide value to potential customers, a content marketer must develop a unique content marketing strategy for each channel that attracts diverse clients and define what your business is about. Blogging, copywriting, video development, guest blogging, public relations, plus drip campaign creation are just a few of the responsibilities of a content marketer.

A Content Marketing Manager’s entry-level digital marketing income in India is predicted to be an average of 4,79,323, with 5-9 years of experience paying an average of 8,18,583.

  • Data Analyst  

One of the most technical aspects of digital marketing is analytics, which is critical for the digital marketer team.

An analyst gathers data from a variety of sources utilizing analytics tools and market indicators, interpretation of the data, analyses patterns and trends, and translates the data into actionable insights that improve business operations.

An Online Google Analytics course is the finest venue for learning data analytics if you would like to get started as a data analyst.

A junior data analyst can earn up to INR 5,00,000 per year, while a senior data analyst can earn up to INR 17,00,000 per year.

  • Email Marketer

As an email marketer, your primary responsibility is to curate emails and techniques that attract the proper target demographic and transform readers into paying clients. You’ll be in charge of improving open rates and decreasing bounce rates.

If you’re familiar with email marketing ideas like categorization and marketing funnels, as well as other tools and approaches, email marketing is a fantastic fit for you.

An entry-level email marketing specialist can earn up to $22,22,910 per year, and a high level email marketing specialist can earn up to $12,00,000.

  • SEO Specialist

One who excels in technical, analytical, and strategic areas of digital marketing would be ideal for a role as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

An SEO specialist’s key responsibility is to devise tactics to draw your target audience and improve the amount of visitors to your website savefromnet, as well as to implement techniques that help you rank higher on SERPs.

In addition, an SEO professional is in charge of improving all blogs and other content posted on the company’s website.

In India, an entry-level SEO professional earns an average of 1,76,578 per year, while those with 5-9 years of experience can expect to earn an average of 4,58,532 per year.

  • Web Developer

A web developer must be up to date and knowledgeable about numerous coding languages, such as HTML and computer software. It’s also necessary to have the skills necessary to design beautiful websites that provide a favorable consumer experience.

Because WordPress is used by over 41% of web developers, you can quickly get started by taking a comprehensive Online WordPress Course.

A Web Developer may expect to earn between 3-6 lakhs per year on average.

  • SEM Specialist

If you have a great grasp of numbers, a Search Engine Marketing position is an excellent fit for you.

A Search Engine Marketer is in charge of creating cost-effective and budget-friendly paid advertisement strategies for search engines that reach the proper target audience. A search engine marketer’s primary responsibility is to create engaging ads that grab attention and to track overall success.

Starting with an Online Google Ads Course is the finest method to achieve Search Engine Marketing.

A Search Engine Marketing Specialist gets an average of 2,80,000 per year as an entry-level digital marketing salary in India, while a senior level earns an average of 9,75,000 per year.

  • Social Media Marketer

Do you enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends, technology, and news via the internet? A career as a social media manager might be a good fit for you.

Given the prominence of social media platforms, a social media manager’s key responsibility is to comprehend all aspects of social media platforms and how social media marketing can benefit your company. One creates plans and campaigns to promote the business and increase interaction across all channels.

In India, an entry-level social media manager earns an average of 2,52,444 per year, while a senior level social media manager earns an average of 6,85,923 per year.


These are the best Digital Marketing Careers in India in 2022 from where you can start your career in the digital world.

Taking the appropriate courses and being up to date on current digital developments will allow you to fully immerse yourself in this highly skilled field. Consider enrolling in an online digital marketing course.

We hope you find this blog to be interesting and that you have chosen a good career path! Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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