The Benefits of Using eSignature

In today’s world, most people are equipped with smartphones and use them to do virtually everything. This has made people rely on modern technology like never before. They use their mobile phones for almost every activity, including signing contracts. Therefore, businesses need to keep up with this technological advancement. E-signature solutions allow users to sign documents without having to install any software, increasing their user-friendliness. Customers can sign contracts anytime, anywhere.

Fastest Way to Complete Transaction

There are a lot of benefits to using esignature. It’s the fastest way to complete transactions. Large organizations, such as the insurance industry, can save time and money. The insurance industry deals with lots of paperwork. But what are the advantages of using electronic signatures instead of paper ones? Here are a few. 1. It improves security. Electronic signatures are encrypted. This means that only those parties who are authorized to sign documents can view and modify them.


Another benefit is that eSignatures save time. Traditional paper signatures can take weeks to complete, while eSignatures can be completed immediately. ESignatures can also track the location of the document in real-time and send periodic updates. In addition, you won’t have to store physical documents and can keep track of them in the cloud. Then, you’ll have fewer documents and less paperwork to deal with.


eSignature saves both time and money. For one, it eliminates the need to print and deliver documents. Another benefit is the reduction of costs: a sheet of A4 paper requires ten liters of water to produce. Paper also comprises 50 percent of business waste. Furthermore, it saves the environment by reducing the burden of paper on the environment. And last but not least, eSignature is more environmentally friendly than paper.

Optimize Onboarding and Recruiting Processes

An eSignature also helps to optimize onboarding and recruiting processes. It enables new employees to sign their paperwork electronically without spending precious time in person. Employees will be happier and more productive when their job is made easier. Furthermore, an eSignature saves companies money because it reduces the amount of paper that needs to be used to sign documents. Companies also spend less money on mailing supplies and postage. And because eSignature does not require a paper signature, it can be easily integrated with client portal software.

Audit Trails

One of the most important features of an eSignature is its Audit Trail. The Certificate Authority (CA) records the boot-up and shutdown of the system. It also records any unauthenticated access to system files or modifications to the DSC. All changes to the signature must be recorded and backed up in the audit trail. This way, the eSignature can be traced back to its source.

The audit trail includes two certificates and data on every state. The first certificate has the IP address and the time each state has occurred. The second certificate shows the browser type, operating system, and version used. Both can be downloaded as PDFs. In addition, the “Shipping Information” and “Process Evidence” can be displayed or downloaded as PDFs. The Signaturit certificate guarantees the integrity of the signature.


An electronic signature can be used in a variety of different fields and industries. It is important to note that the legality of using an eSignature depends on its ability to be retained and reproduced by all parties. As it becomes more common for companies to use eSignature, consumers are beginning to take notice. In fact, the global market for digital signatures is predicted to hit $2.8 billion by 2020 and $14.1 billion by 2026.

Now, eSignatures are considered enforceable and admissible in most circumstances. eSignature laws are based on the E.SIGN law, which does not deny legal effect, validity, or enforceability of electronic signatures. Unlike traditional paper signatures, eSignatures have the same legal force as in-person signatures.

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