Structural Integrity Of A Lumber Structure

Lumber structures are mainly constructed in rural areas, forests, and near water bodies. Building these structures include other consideration than concrete, masonry, and steel structures. In those structures, the chief material is able to provide a strong structural firmness. But as compared to them, the lumber is a lot weaker. It is liable to many problems and hazards to structural integrity. To avoid them, contractors have to take many steps. Only then, the structural integrity is ensured.

Lumber Material

Lumber is processed into beams, planks, boards, and other forms. They are basically processed long trees. To acquire them for any given project contractors, have lumber takeoff services. They are organic in composition and thus highly liable to fire, insects, rotting, deterioration, and other problems.

Further, it does not have the same strength as concrete, stones, and steel. Striking a steel bar has a very little effect than striking a lumber beam. Also, a pillar made out of steel contains multiple steel rebars and can endure longer. While a pillar made up of lumber contains a single beam. This makes it less enduring and can cause the collapse of the whole structure.

Also, they are more liable for workplace accidents. The beams, planks, and boards can be easily cut in the wrong measurements by accident. They need to be in the exact measurements. A little wrong cut and they become useless. Unlike others like concrete. Concrete is handled in liquid form and thus the mixture can be prepared in the right quantity without any worry. But a lumber board that has been accidentally cut short can be increased in size again.

All of these contribute to the adverse effects on the structural integrity of these buildings. Contractors make certain effects to make sure that the intended integrity is ensured.

Building Lumber Structure

Building these structures goes almost like any other. First project owners come up with the plan. Then, they hire contractors through the bidding process. These contractors hire labor, arrange construction machinery and acquire construction material.

Even the construction process is the same. Since integrity is a major concern, the material stands as the most important concern. Lumber is the main consistency but it requires a number of other items. They are called fasteners. They play the same role that concrete plays for bricks or steel. These supporting materials perhaps hold more importance than lumber.

These materials include turnbuckles, spacers, screws, rivets, bolts, specialty fasters, nails, nuts, washers, end caps & screw protectors, anchors, and hook & loop fasteners. With them, the project is possible and is able to hold the required integrity.

How Do Contractors Ensure the Integrity?

They have all the required construction materials. While doing so, they ensure that those materials are in the right quantity and specifications. To do so, they often have material takeoff services.

With the right material in hand, they can put in together the required structure. Lumber structures are made with first the construction main structure and then the installation of boards, doors, and other components. In this process, fasteners make all the difference. If they are of the right specifications, the frame is firm. In other words, the structure holds the required integrity.

Thus, contractors acquire the right fastening materials. Then, they use those materials in the most optimized manner. This way all the beams, planks, and boards are fitted properly and as a result, the required structures are made.


Structural integrity is a vital concern for any structure. In the case of lumber structure, this is important since lumber is not as strong as other major construction materials such as concrete, stone, or steel. To make sure that the intended building is of the right integrity, fastening material make a central role. If the right fasteners are used the building is more enduring and is of strong integrity. To have the right materials, contractors have services such as drywall takeoff services.

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