How To Prepare Your Toddler For Pre-School

Joining pre-school is a significant milestone both for the child and the caregiver. Your child will now spend more time in school, interact with other children and meet other adults. On the other side, you also must learn to be separated from your child for long hours. Starting pre-school can be challenging and exciting too. Montessori school in Richardson, Texas is among the best place to help your child to a more independent life.

It is critical to prepare for the transition to ease the anxiety that comes with a change in routine. Here are tips to consider:

1. Visit the pre-school with your child

Children often feel uncomfortable among strangers. Additionally, a new environment can cause them to become fearful and edgy. However, a pre-visit to your preferred school can help the child familiarize herself with the classrooms, playground and other resources in the institution. Your child will connect with the school as a place that gives her pleasure and amusement. On admission day, you’ll be amazed that the child bids you goodbye without being fussy.

2. Plan a play date

Children learn better through play. Therefore, you can plan a play date with other parents whose children attend your preferred school. The interaction with the parents will help you feel at ease choosing a suitable school for your child. On the other hand, your child will make new friends before school starts.

3. Play school at home

Children learn by imitating what they see around the home. You can simulate a school day and activities at home to prepare your child for the days ahead. You can buy her a fancy school bag and put one or two drawing books and colors. Further, you can have story time, singing games and nap time to imitate the school routine. You can make it more exciting by changing roles, where your child plays the teacher. The simulation helps to reduce anxiety by helping your child associate school with a fun place.

4. Turn routine activities into fun games

Toddlers love playing, jumping, kicking, singing and miming. You can use these play activities to help your child appreciate the morning routine. For instance, you can have a wake-up song to help the child rise from her bed and create a fun game for putting on the uniform. When you turn morning routine activities into song, dance and play, you help your child anticipate school days anxnr.

5. Practice the anticipated routine

You may need to create a new routine for your child several weeks before joining pre-school. For instance, you need to change the sleep and wake-up time to help the child rest sufficiently. The routine will reduce anxiety and rush through the morning preparation. Further, you can prepare the next day’s uniform, snacks and breakfast the previous evening to reduce the number of activities that you need to do before departure.

6. Create a goodbye plan

Parting will be the most challenging part of your transition. Therefore, think about it before it happens. For instance, you can have a unique handshake or recitation for both of you. Remember to reassure your child that she’s special and will be back home before she knows it.


Joining pre-school is a significant milestone. Therefore, plan for it to ensure your child has a smooth transition.

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