After giving the exams of FSC pre engineering the students who want to take admissions in different engineering universities where they can continue their career have to go through an entry test after which their merit is calculated depending upon their obtained marks in FSC pre engineering and entry test of respective university the students go through many problems during the preparation of entry test they may not understand the questions properly which in results divert their attention and they are unable score more marks in the entry test.

Below we will discuss some steps by which students can increase their marks in entry test and finally secure admission in the university of their choice.


Students should start preparing for their Ecat entry test preparation while they are still in FSC. They should mark important topics in class while teacher is teaching and ask them for help too. In order to understand the topic more clearly they should consult the teacher.


Students should only focus on their work while studying they should take a break from using internet and give their full attention to study.


Student need to understand the topic instead of cramming the topic when student use cramming for the time being he memorizes the topic but at the time of test he can’t even understand a single question.


In order to study and understand topics easily students need to relax their mind by taking rest during study usually students take stress and do not take rest in between study as a result they forget everything.


As we have listened that practice makes a man perfect so for scoring good marks in entry test u should cover all the syllabus 1 month before the exams so you can revise it 2 to 3 times before exams.


Students can also use past papers to know which type of questions can come in exam this year and which type of questions usually comes in exam.


In FSC students work hard but now for preparation of entry test they need to work smart they should use different books to see multiple choice questions of different topics instead of reading the whole syllabus of FSC again they can also join any entry test preparation institute if they are facing problems while preparation.


From all this we came to know that student should devote his/her full time to study while studying and also take rest while preparing of entry test so they can study with a refreshing and positive mind.

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