Group Tuition: The Benefits of Learning in a Group Setting

Do you want your child to have the best education? Group tuition might be the right choice for them. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of learning in a group setting. When students learn together, they can help each other and build confidence. They can also compete with one another to push themselves further. Plus, there is less pressure when working with a tutor in a group setting. We hope that after reading this blog post, you will consider enrolling your child in The Science Academy tuition program!

Shared accountability

At The Science Academy we practice philosophy fo responsible for your work, and it is what enables us to provide students with a superior education. Shared accountability means that each student will be held accountable for his or her own performance. No one else can give you answers to questions about your child’s work or assignments. All students are required to complete their work in a timely manner. Students who do not complete their work on time will be required to make up the work as soon as possible.

Positive encouragement

On those days when you’re having a hard time, remember all of the times when things went smoothly and the success and all of the good people that have helped us along our journey. We can forget everything that makes us who we are and we feel like we want to give up and quit. This is a common experience that we all go through at some point in our lives. Moral support is something that everyone needs when they’re having a hard day. It’s not always someone that you know, but it can be a fellow peer or same-age classmate that helps you keep your head up and gives you strength.

Confidence building

Some factors during group tuition that may help you build your child’s confidence: Don’t worry about what others think of you. The only person you can control is yourself. Trust your instincts and follow your gut feelings. Talk to your classmates and tutors if you need help. Remember, there are people out there who are better at something than you. Get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy foods. Make new friends during tuition class.


In Singapore’s education scene, being competitive is a big part of our culture and we have several school teams that compete in multiple tournaments throughout the year. We also have an annual talent show for the entire student body. The Science Academy’s programs are Bang for the buck The classes are all very affordable, and the faculty is great. What to do for fun There’s always a party going on in the classroom, or you can hang out with your friends in the malls after class. There are also some events sponsored by the organizations, such as movie nights and game nights hertube.

Lesser pressure compare to 1:1 tuition

Too many GCSE and A level exams are focused on pressure, goals, measurements, assessment, and comparison. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to do anything besides study for the next exam. There are plenty of fun activities in small group learning classes. Yes, it is an essential part of the process. We want to make sure that students have the opportunity to explore and express their passions and talents, so we’re offering them the chance to discover how to learn, develop and master That’s true – we all learn best when we laugh and make jokes with each other giveme5.

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