Five Reasons to Be a Construction Manager

If you’re currently working in the world of construction, then you might have the goal to eventually become a construction manager. If so, you’re not alone. It’s very common for both men and women in the industry to want to spread their wings and climb the construction ladder (in this case, literally).

You’ll be excited to learn that there are five great reasons to become a construction manager. By the time you’ve finished reading about them, you’ll need no extra convincing that being a construction manager is the right career path for you.

How Do People Become Construction Managers?

Generally, there are two ways to become a construction manager.

Option 1: The first way is to do it purely through experience. You simply work for a company over a certain period of time and gain promotions as you progress.

Option 2: The second option (that is seen as most effective) is to get a formal education whilst still working. For example, you can get a bs in construction management which then prepares you for all the demands and requirements that come with construction management. By earning your degree, it then shows employers that you’re equipped with the knowledge and know-how to progress into management — simple!

Now, let’s run through the five best reasons to become a construction manager.

1.     Better Pay

Currently, construction managers make (on average) $97.180 per year. This is an excellent salary and should serve as motivation for you to eventually enter the management field. Even the lowest-paid construction managers make $73,460 annually, which is testament to the earning potential you can expect.

2.     Find Contracts for Your Firm

If you enjoy the prospect of driving your construction firm forward, then you’ll love being in management. As the manager, you’ll hold a large portion of the responsibility for finding contracts for your firm. When you find lucrative contracts, then it’s a great feeling, as it’s good for you, your firm’s reputation, and your employees.

Over time, you’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with different companies who you sign contracts with. Upon successfully completing projects, you’ll then get the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing as well as great reviews that you can use.

3.     Combine Office and Site Work

As a construction manager, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to switch your boots for a suit! However, you’ll be spending a lot more time in the office. For some people, this is great as it gives them the opportunity to physically rest whilst taking care of phone calls, emails, and everything else in between.

4.     Hire the Best Talent

Construction managers get the opportunity to hire the best possible talent if they find it. When you do, it’s incredibly rewarding, as you can eventually build a great team over time. Depending on the skill and experience levels of those below you, you can even mentor certain workers so that they can become construction managers too.

5.     Start Your Own Construction Business

Lastly, after gaining several years of experience in construction management, you might even want to start your own construction business. Essentially, you can become your own boss and go down the entrepreneurial route. After all, construction work remains in demand throughout all major countries, so you have an excellent opportunity to build up a construction empire for yourself.

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