Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Has your child ever thought to take up writing? In addition to being a good career choice, they will need creative writing skills day to day to write to others and stay connected. In this post we share a list of activities from a prep school in Hertfordshire that will help you explore creative writing with your child.

What to Write About

The first step to writing any good piece is a clear and well thought out plot. Whether they’re writing a letter, story, or a poem, your child will need a good idea of what to write about. This can be done through the means of a brainstorm or mind map to gather their initial thoughts and later be put into a plan/draft.


Depending on what it is that they’re writing, the structure they adopt will vary slightly. A poem for example requires shorter sentences. Layout will also vary and is something you can explore with your child

Expand Their Vocabulary

Having a diverse vocabulary can significantly improve the quality of a child’s writing and allow them to write in a way that accurately represents their thoughts and feelings. To build theirs, try to diversify your own to introduce your child to new words.


Going back to vocabulary, a thesaurus can help children to enrich their writing and find stronger words to use as they contain dozens of synonyms. 


Reading can also help as children simultaneously learn new words and how they are correctly used through the context they are in. Additionally, they can explore how others structure their writing and gain inspiration for their own work.


Practice is essential to improve on anything and can help children to perfect their writing skills. Below we’ve included a few writing activities you can explore with your children.

Review Writing 

Once they finish a film, or reading a book, you can encourage your child to write a review detailing what they enjoyed and the things they would have done differently. 

Story Writing

They may instead write a story of their own, or the sequel to one they have read before. 

Poetry Writing

Poetry is another form of writing. It’s a way that we can express our thoughts and feelings in an artistic way. While many rhyme, there’s no exact rule on how they should be written. They take lots of different styles which can give them flexibility to express their inner feelings.

Journal Writing 

We keep journals for a multitude of reasons. For some it’s a handy way of remembering what needs to be done, and for others it’s a way of release and an outlet for them to document how their day went. They encourage us to write on a more frequent basis, so can help your child improve on their writing click here .

Start a Blog

Blogging is another form of writing. If your child has a keen interest, they could create their own blog and share what they know online. The internet is a broad and vast place where there is an interest for just about anything so they will be bound to find a space for themselves. Alternatively, they can start a personal blog documenting their day and use it as a digital diary to look back on when they’re older. 

Write a Letter

While we have phones with instant messaging, letter writing is still an important skill to learn as it’s a formal means of communication. There are set ways that they must be structured which your child can learn by writing a few letters to friends and family. To make it an even more sentimental gesture they could write them by hand.

What’s most important is that you find something that your child actually enjoys as they will be more likely to stick to it and thus improve their creative writing skills.

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