Does Card Counting Work in Online Blackjack?

If you’ve ever wondered if card counting is a good strategy for online blackjack, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s no foolproof system out there that guarantees profits over the short term, but it’s a proven tactic that many successful players are employing. Plus, it’s completely free to learn.

Positive expected value

Card counting in blackjack games can help you win. If you know when to raise and when to fold, you can improve your odds of winning. Basic strategy tells you to avoid insurance, but with high PEs, this move can be very profitable. You can also use side counts to detect additional changes in EVs that could lead to additional betting opportunities.

Card counting is not a complete strategy, but it is useful in determining the correct playing decisions. For example, if a player holds a 12 and the dealer has an upcard of 6, then the EV of this hand is -23.3% and -25.2%, respectively. Both decisions are risky, but reducing the overall amount of risk can help you increase your EV. Most blackjack experts use this concept to increase their chances of winning.


Variance in online fun88 blackjack is an important factor to consider when playing this casino game. This factor can have a big impact on your game strategy and on your growth as a player. If you are consistently losing, you could be losing because of variance. Conversely, if you win a lot and you’re using a basic strategy, you could be winning because of variance. In fact, there are game math experts who have calculated the standard variance in blackjack.

Variance is a mathematical term that measures the risk of losing a particular amount of money in a given session. Basically, this measure measures how far your wins and losses vary from the norm. As a result, it is important to know how to deal with these risks to avoid financial disaster.

Bankroll size

While card counting is an important aspect of online fun88 casino blackjack strategy, many people overlook bankroll size. Bankroll size directly relates to the player’s chance of going bust. For instance, if a player has only 10 units of bankroll, he or she will lose 50% of the time. On the other hand, a player with a 100-unit bankroll will likely win more often than one with a smaller bankroll.

A typical player should invest between fifty and one hundred dollars per session. While this won’t guarantee a profit every session, it will help players stay in the game during bad runs. The amount of money to invest is approximately equivalent to 150 times the minimum bet. This amount should be stashed in a 401-G or money market account.

Counting system

There are many different card counting systems, but most of them focus on assigning points to each card as it is dealt. The most popular counting strategy is the Hi-Lo system, which assigns +1 points to cards 2-6 and 0 points to cards seven through ten. This running count changes with every new card dealt in the deck.

While there are many advantages to using a counting system, there are also several disadvantages. First of all, the more complicated the system, the greater the risks. This is because the player is more likely to make mistakes when trying to keep track of extra information. Moreover, just one mistake can wipe away the advantage a player has acquired. Counting systems should therefore be simple and not overly complex.


Card counting is a strategy that players use to make better decisions while playing blackjack. This strategy is not illegal under normal circumstances. However, it is not a good idea to practice it in online casinos or land-based casinos. It is difficult to keep track of the cards, making it impractical to practice it.

Professional card counters have fought for the right of blackjack players to use card counting. They argue that card counting is a skill and casinos cannot legally infringe on that. However, these professionals are not attorneys, and nothing they say should be construed as legal advice. For any legal questions, you should contact an experienced attorney specializing in gambling law.


The laws surrounding card counting do not specifically ban the use of card counting in online casinos. However, they do prohibit card counters from using electronic or mechanical devices. Such methods could give you an unfair edge over other players. If you are caught using one of these methods, you could face prosecution.

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