CBSE Board Exam: Know the Importance of NCERT Books to Score Well

NCERT is an organisation which aims to develop and distribute textbooks for students at both primary and secondary levels. When we discuss the importance of NCERT Books, the main thing we get to our mind is that these books offer a wide knowledge of fundamentals crucial for the exams. It is all-inclusive and designed in its own way, beyond which CBSE would not ask any questions in the final exams.

To improve the learning skills among students and test their knowledge, the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics, along with the NCERT, has curated the Exemplar books. These books are not only crucial for the board exams but also for various competitive exams across the country. Practising these books will benefit the students and help in mastering the techniques used to solve tricky problems.

Benefits of Referring to NCERT Books

1. Provides in-depth knowledge

Top experts design the NCERT Books after conducting vast research on each and every topic. They aim to provide authentic and accurate details for the students to learn. Each concept is explained in a detailed manner so that it clears the queries and offers a thorough understanding of difficult topics.

2. Sticks to CBSE syllabus

This is another important reason why the NCERT Books are useful for students. These books stick to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines, which contain all the sufficient information required to ace well in the exams. It not only forms the base for board exams but also for various competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET etc.

3. Strengthens basic concepts

NCERT Books not only helps to cover the syllabus but also strengthens the basic concepts, which would be continued in higher classes as well. The simple language used to explain each concept helps to make the students clear them before the exams. It is considered to be an ideal study material for comprehensive study and develops a clear conceptual knowledge among students.

4. Suitable for CBSE exams

If you refer to the old question papers, you will find that the questions asked in the exams are indirectly or directly related to the concepts in the NCERT books. Students who blindly mug up the concepts will not be able to face the board exams as there are questions of varying difficulty levels asked. So having a strong hold on the concepts in NCERT Books will help you score remarkable grades as nothing will be asked in the CBSE exams beyond these materials.

5. Numerous practice questions

Even if you learn the topics regularly, you will not know how much you have mastered them until you practice. NCERT Books contain numerous examples and practice questions at the end of each chapter which can be referred to for a better understanding. It also contains step-wise explanations in simple-to-understand language so that students can perform well in their final exams.

These are the major benefits of using the NCERT books. Students preparing for their board exams can make use of the NCERT Solutions available online for accurate answers to the textbook questions. The solutions are prepared by the faculty with huge experience in the subject who aim to improve the problem-solving abilities of students. The subject-wise, chapter-wise and exercise-wise solutions are presented in both online and offline modes, which can be accessed for free by CBSE students.

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