Can you pursue a business degree in English from Germany?

A recent report published in suggested that Germany attracts more than 400,000 international students every year in the business education space. This might primarily be because Germany is touted to be an economic superpower and has several international business hubs like Berlin.

Naturally, the country attracts thousands of aspiring business graduates who flock to do their MBA in Germany and settle down professionally in Europe. The humongous availability of business management jobs across all industries in major German cities is another big-ticket attraction for international students.

However, not all foreign students know German proficiently or even remotely which makes them apprehensive about studying in this beautiful country. Luckily, unknown to many, Germany is full of reputed business schools that offer English-taught business courses for those whose first language is not German.

Let’s dive deeper into the advantages of pursuing an English-taught business degree from Germany and the kind of school options you can expect as an international student dstvportal.

What are the primary advantages of pursuing a business education at a German university?

The German higher education system is renowned for turning its students into industry-ready graduates who have the relevant skills for successful corporate careers. Contemplating a business education in the country can ensure you get access to excellent academic standards and experienced faculty.

Here are some other advantages of pursuing a business degree from a reputed business school in Germany.

  1. Most reputed business schools in the country are well-accredited by international business and education councils that validate their excellent academic standards.
  2. As an international business graduate in Germany, you easily get an opportunity to turn your student visa into a German work visa and settle down in this stable economy.
  3. Germany is one of the most important members of the EU. A German student visa, therefore, gives you the flexibility to visit member EU countries.
  4. Big German cities like Berlin boast a cosmopolitan atmosphere that can broaden your perspective and allow you to meet people from across the world.
  5. As an international business student in Germany, you get to experience the rich German culture and hone your interpersonal skills sccbuzz.

How many English-taught business degrees can you find in Germany?

Too many to count! Contrary to popular belief, many universities offer business degrees and programmes in English to cater to an increasing number of foreign students. While the exact number might be much larger, an estimate published on suggests approximately 600 business-oriented courses might be taught in English in the country.

Here are some of the major schools that offer English-taught business programmes in Germany.

  1. GISMA Business School Berlin
  2. LMU Munich
  3. Goethe University Frankfurt
  4. Humboldt University Berlin
  5. Freie Universitaet Berlin
  6. WHU -Otto Beisheim School of Management
  7. Technical University of Munich

Do you need to learn German while pursuing an English-taught business degree in Germany?

Unless you want otherwise, you can get away with not learning German as an international student enrolled in an English-taught business school. However, learning the local language can make it easier for you to navigate your life in Germany and make friends with the local people.

Start looking out for English-taught business schools in Germany today to take your business career to greater heights.

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