10 Upbeat Online Courses for Kids that Kindles their Creativity

One of the best things about our world’s digital shift is the ease and accessibility that it has brought to everyone. People worldwide can now take advantage of the thousands of online courses to help their kids develop valuable skillsets and increase their knowledge. bundlenews

If you’re looking for fun and highly engaging online courses for your kids on a rainy day, you’re at the right place! Here are some of the best platforms to kindle your children’s creativity and help them discover a platform to produce their art.

1. Outschool

Level: Grades 1 – 12

Outschool is a platform for kids of all ages. It offers different classes based on interests, age, and the time frame of the courses. The classes vary based on what grade level your children belong to, so you can always opt for a beginner-level reading course for the little ones while signing up your teenager for online animation classes for kids.

The affordable rates and expert instructors truly make for a fruitful experience.

2. Wevun

Level: Grades 1 – 12

Wevun is dedicated to connecting learners, teachers and parents on one platform to ensure productive learning for children of all ages. It offers numerous interest-based classes and clubs that are conducted on video chat, as well as engaging videos and tutorials on different topics that can be viewed 24/7.

3. Code with Google

Level: Grades 4 – 12                           

Code with Google aims to make the power of coding accessible for all. This online course has made coding fun for kids of different grade levels through various activities and hands-on learning experiences.

4. CreativeLive

Level: Grades 8 – 12                           

If your child loves taking aesthetic shots of the world around them, why not sign them up for online photography classes for kids? CreativeLive offers a vast collection of educational video courses on different topics like photography, drawing, and even personal growth. It is the perfect platform for teenagers and young adults to learn a new skill.

5. Zearn

Level: Grades 1 – 7

Are your kids struggling with math? Why not make it fun through embedded instructions, animals, and creative tutorials? Zearn offers kids a way to understand different math topics at their own pace, peppered with positive feedback and encouragement to motivate them further.

6.  Khan Academy Kids

Level: Grades 1-12

Although Khan Academy is known for STEM education, the kids’ app takes a different approach. Offering a variety of online art classes for kids, along with photography, Design, science, math, and even humanities, Khan Academy Kids is a platform that truly has it all. Children can also earn badges for their progress, and parents can keep track through the custom dashboard.

7.  My StoryBook

Level: All Grades

Parents of avid readers love this platform, as it offers their children a way to bring their own stories to life. My StoryBook is a fun, creative online tool for children to make the most of their imaginative spirits and create their own stories. It offers children writing lessons to learn how to build their stories, after which they can use the tool to develop their virtual storybook. Children can add drawings and colorful lettering to the books and publish them!

8. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Level: All Grades

Who doesn’t know and adore Mo Willems? This Brooklyn artist extraordinaire has put in his experience designing children’s books and his other work to create super fun online drawing classes for kids.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems was created in partnership with the Kennedy Center. This online course offers daily, free drawing class sessions at 1 p.m. EST. These live lunch doodles can be joined through the Kennedy Center website, and you can even view older doodles sessions on YouTube!

9. Discovering Design

Level: Grades 4 – 7

Discovering Design is a Create and Learn, live instructions-based class that can do wonders to hone your child’s creative skills. It offers valuable hands-on exercises conducted over eight 55-minutes long sessions in which your child will explore color application in different contexts.

These online digital art classes for kids allow young minds to create different pieces. From brand logos to game designs and even paintings, Discovering Design covers it all with a curriculum designed by Stanford and Google experts to jumpstart your child’s artistic future from today.

10. Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation

Level: Grades 8 – 12

Innovation is one of the essential aspects of our world, and it plays an important role in every industry. That is why edX created Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation – an online course that focuses on teaching teenagers and young adults the power of creative thinking. This course is designed to develop your creative problem-solving skills through real-world activities and issues. The initial classes take a meditative approach to creativity, after which you will learn how to hone your skills in an entrepreneurial context. tunai4d

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