10 Questions to Ask at Parents Evening

Every year parents are given the chance to visit their child’s school and discuss their performance via an annual parents evening. In addition to the reports given, it provides an insight into how well things are going and where improvements are needed. As they usually last no longer than 10 minutes, it’s vital to prepare what you will talk about and any questions in advance so that you can make the most of the opportunity. Here are 10 pre-prepared questions from a boys’ school in St Albans that you can use to guide you.


  • Ask About Their Target Grades

If you don’t already know your child’s target grades and what they should be working towards, parents’ evening is the perfect opportunity to ask and learn about how your child can reach them. They can also help you gauge how much work needs to be done. 

  • Concerns

As they are the ones teaching your child and marking their work, they will be able to tell you whether they have any concerns with regards to where they are in their learning. For some children it’s their tendency to get distracted, which you can help improve as a parent by speaking to your child.

  • How They Can Help

Also, if you have concerns of your own with regards to your child’s development and where they are in their learning, feel free to bring them up during your meeting. Their teacher may be able to provide help, support and provide their own professional opinion. 

  • Ask for Updates

Going back to your concerns, you may request for updates to see whether there’s an improvement and if what you’re doing collectively is having a positive effect.

  • What Terms and Acronyms Mean

As a parent it is vital that you have some level of understanding when it comes to the curriculum so that you can support your child with their studies. However, there is an awful lot of terminology which can make it difficult for parents. You might choose to bring these up during your meeting and anything else you’re unsure of. 

  • What Can I Do as a Parent to Help My Child at Home?

Teachers see children of varying abilities throughout their career and understand how to best support their learning needs. If there’s something in particular that your child struggles with, they may be able to offer advice, and point you in the direction of helpful resources.

  • Reading Materials

Similarly you can see if there’s any resources that they would recommend for you to learn a bit more about your child’s studies and curriculum.

  • Additional Classes

Outside of usual lessons schools tend to have activities and revision classes that children can attend. You can learn more about the opportunities at school during parents’ evening. 

  • How Your Child’s Getting on with Other Children

Aside from the actual work, school can be socially challenging for children. You can learn about how they’re getting on and their participation in class. If they are struggling, it may be confidence related and something which you can perhaps work on together at home.

  • Their Strengths

It’s nice to also hear about the positives. It can give you a better insight into your child’s strengths.

These are a few questions that can be handy to guide the conversation and aren’t the only ones you should be asking. Of course, the time should be spent as you see fit. You may find going through their school work handy so that you’re able to think of questions that are more specific and relevant to where they are at school celebrities net worth.

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